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Children and parents, do you want to rest?

Family is not only a family bond, but also everyday work on the relationship of adults and children. And any work requires rest. On the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, together with an expert from the Foundation “Responsible for the Future”, a practical psychophysiologist and writer Anna Gaikalova, we analyze this important and multifaceted topic.

Time to pause

Family efforts accompany us throughout life. At first, we are created by our parents with the rules of conduct, study and choice of profession, then our children — all the same with them, only now we ourselves are in the role of parents. Sometimes home worries are supplemented by workers and generally by any external ones, and then we are literally on the verge – we dream to quit everything and go to an uninhabited island, where we will be inaccessible to all troublemakers. Of course, it is better not to bring yourself to this state.

Obviously, we can not be constantly attentive, smiling, thoughtful, it is difficult for us to endure the whims of children and perform all household chores non-stop. Therefore, to be effective in the role of parents and maintain harmony in the family, we need to rest from time to time. And it is useful to do this both for parents and children. You can relax from each other (just go to rooms for an hour), you can relax together – change the atmosphere, find a common lesson, attract friends to the company.

It is important to take time to rest even before fatigue completely overwhelms you. Treat recreation as a preventive measure. For example, a child does not want to restore order in his room, refuses to eat porridge and does not seem to hear your reasonable arguments. Further development of events everyone can easily predict for himself. But what if you do not resort to extreme educational measures, but simply take a deep breath and exhale? Sometimes this is enough to defuse the situation. Calm down you – calm down and the child.

Pause if:

– feel irritation, which you can not fight,

– you have run out of arguments to continue the discussion,

– it’s hard for you to navigate in an endless stream of affairs,

– feel tired.

Escape from troubles

Unfortunately, even arranging for ourselves short-term respite every day, we deplete our resources, and therefore at least sometimes we need a good rest. The healing effect of the vacation in this case does not need explanation. But what if you want to relax just from children? There is nothing wrong with that. Remember that children, too, sometimes need to rest from their parents. Moreover, many families managed to build relationships by spending some time apart. And for this it is not necessary to leave each other thousands of kilometers away, leaving the children to the grandparents.

When planning a vacation should take into account the interests of all parties. Someone prefers adventure, someone loves the sea and the sun, someone does not think of summer without a flower garden in the country. And what could be interesting to your children? Of course, there is always a summer camp option, but it’s not for everyone. If you travel together, for example, to a hotel on the sea, make sure that both you and the child have an individual program. At a distance from home it would be right to abandon the usual mode and control – rest after all. Let everyone do what he wants.

Changing the situation and roles allows you to try and new opportunities for hanging out. So, many adults can hardly be given what their children easily manage. For example, rides, extreme sports, horse riding. If you temporarily forget about your social status and try one of these kinds of entertainment, you will get a lot of pleasure. Seeing you in an unexpected situation from the outside, the child will be imbued with even more respect. In addition, there is a chance that you will find a common hobby for the whole family. Such a vacation can be short, but very effective, believe me.

If you have not tried, look to:

– rope parks,

– quests

– the development of new professions or crafts,

– Old Russian traditions (competitions on the day of Neptune, jumping over the fire for the feast of Ivan Kupala),

– cognitive scientific experiments.

The important point: when the vacation comes to an end and ahead you are waiting for a return to the thick of things, to the usual rhythm of life, take another pause so that your impressions “settle”, and the nervous system represses and strengthens in silence. Any impressions are good in moderation, and you need to understand when it’s time to stop and switch.

Anna Gaikalova comment:

“Undoubtedly, our life is now“ crazy ”, its pace is such that sometimes we ourselves do not understand how we could“ have done it all. ” But we chose this, what exactly is to fill our time. And what if to plunge into silence? What if you forget about fashion, give up at least for a while from the noise? What if you go somewhere together, where is the silence? Where the fields are immense, where forests with strawberries and mushrooms, where the birds soar directly from the grass and chirp. To be in nature with a child, and even tell him something about these herbs, these trees, these birds … Do you know what will happen?

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