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Often, many parents notice that their child is lonely. In the yard he plays away from the other guys. None of the children come to his house. He himself also does not want to go to someone from classmates after school. Why the child does not need to communicate with other peers? How to teach him to be friends, and what is the reason for his isolation in society?

Reasons for loneliness

It’s okay, many parents think. But therein lies a big problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible, while the child is still small. If he does not learn to communicate freely in childhood, then later, in adulthood, he will be much more difficult.

Why is the child alone all the time? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. It all depends on his personality. Each child is an individual with his own thinking, outlook on life and his own point of view. Great influence on the sociability of children has a belonging to a certain temperament and upbringing in the family.

Problems with a lack of friends can be like calm children, and have brisk ones. The first simply because of their insecurity remain lonely. They do not know how to approach other children and start the game. The latter do not want to fail, if suddenly they are not accepted in their circle, or they simply do not like other children. Nimble children are usually leaders, and they are unpleasant when they are not considered in the new company.

Another reason for loneliness is a change of residence. The child gets into a new kindergarten or school, where he needs to get used to and get to know other children. Usually time passes, and he has new friends.

Most often, children have no idea how to make friends. To see this, you should watch them in the yard. If your child is away from playing children, then this may be several explanations:

The child is very passionate about his game and does not notice anyone around. In this case, he likes his occupation, he does not feel the need for friends, and, most likely, this is a temporary phenomenon.
The child stands alone and closely watches the play of other children. In this case, it is worth thinking about it, and try to help him to join the children.
Teach your child to be friends by your example.

To understand why a child has no friends, look at yourself. How are things with your friends? How many of them, how often do you see with them how reliable and close they are to you in spirit? Children take their cue from their parents in everything. They even copy their model of communication with other people.

If a child hears you talking to someone on the phone in a harsh tone and are trying to end the conversation quickly, he will also communicate with friends in the same way. Conversely, if you are friendly, joyful, inviting guests, then the children will behave in the same way. Be a good example for your child. Spend more time with your friends, visit them and invite them to your place.

How to find friends

It often happens when a child wants to be friends, but hesitates, does not know how to get to know each other correctly and what to say. That parents should teach your child to be friends. Tell your son or daughter that you can come up and say, “Hi. What is your name? ”Or“ Hello. Let’s be friends”. You can first say hello, say your name, and then ask what is his (or her) name.

If your child is shy to be the first to approach, then introduce them to the children themselves. Gather the little ones near you, play a game with them, for example, hide and seek, a trickle or tag. Games in which many participants are involved unite children and promote friendly relations. It is important that your child joins the children. During the game, he will find common language with them.

It is also very useful to stage a well-known fairy tale, for example, The Turnip or the Kolobok, distributing the roles to all the children. Or you can sing a cartoon song together.

There is such a rule for each person: if you want to have more friends and acquaintances, then you need to attend various events more often, go to the cinema, go to groups and even have a walk in the fresh air. In this case, there are many chances to make new friends and acquaintances. This also applies to your children. If they stay at home all the time, then friends will not increase from this. Try to keep them active, expand their horizons, and play sports. After all, preschool institutions, sports clubs, clubs, and libraries provide not only useful knowledge, in which children learn to be members of a team, interact with each other, and develop their communication skills. This is a kind of school that must be passed so that later it would be easier to walk along the roads of life, leaning on the shoulders of true friends.

To teach a child to be friends, you need to understand him well. Do not restrict him in communication and allow his friends and classmates to come to your home.

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