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We read fairy tales with benefit

In our age of new technologies, parents increasingly prefer cartoons. It’s so much simpler: put his favorite cartoon to the child and you can go about your business. Against this background, the good old fairy tale began to fade into the background.

To us, adults, from the height of past years, it seems that all the fairy tales are somehow “evil” or a bit strange. But this is for us. A child cannot take a fairy tale with the same seriousness. For him, this is a kind of encyclopedia. It is from her that he learns that there is good and evil, that even from the most difficult situation you can find a way out, he acquires worldly wisdom. The fairy tale teaches him to help others, to be brave, resourceful, hardworking, patient. Fairy-tale characters by their example show what happens to those who commit bad deeds, who do not listen to others. And it all happens in the form of a game.

However, all the positive features of fairy tales appear only when parents read them correctly.

How to read fairy tales to children correctly:
Before you begin to read a fairy tale to a child, read it yourself. Consider if there is something in her that she can teach. It is not necessary to read fairy tales with a very terrible plot and details. Pay special attention to illustrations. A book without pictures will not be interesting to the child at all, and pictures with scary characters can be scary;
Trust the child to choose a fairy tale to read, even if he chooses the same one again. Obviously, she was reflected in his soul, he understood its content and the reasons for the actions of the heroes. Scrolling in the head the same material, the child not only expands his vocabulary, but also fully delves into the essence of the work;
Try not just to read a fairy tale, but to tell it. So you can change the mood, pace and volume of the voice. This will fully convey the situation and character of the characters. When reading, the kid does not have time to fully realize the work, and the monotony will quickly tire him;
Leave all the work and plunge into the world of fairy tales with your child. For him, this is not just listening to the text, but a fascinating journey into the magical world. If you are distracted by extraneous affairs, then deprive the child of all the pleasure of reading;
Connect the child to the reading process. Children are much more interesting when they do something or help adults. So give him that opportunity. Let him repeat words after you, describe pictures, answer questions. Suggest to dream: let them guess what the fairy tale will end in or come up with another final. Perhaps he will want to introduce new characters into his version of the tale;
Focus on the mood. Forcing a child to listen to a fairy tale, you will not achieve anything good with it. He himself must want to learn new things. The tale should bring him joy, and not be associated with coercion. He can show independence and invite you to read. Do not refuse, even if busy;
Let your child choose a fairy tale to read. Let him decide. Go together to the bookstore or library, where the kid himself will show you which books are interesting to him. This will not only strengthen his interest in reading, but also make it possible to reveal his preferences;
After reading, analyze the tale together. Let the child tell you what he learned from her, what he liked, what character caused his sympathy. A fairy tale should teach something. Let him briefly retell the content, based on the pictures. Try to put on a play based on a fairy tale using toys.
Choosing a fairy tale correctly
However, a fairy tale can have a proper effect only when it is selected according to the age of the child. You can start reading even during pregnancy. Reading allows you to establish a close relationship of parents with the fetus, as well as reassure him and the future mother. During this period lullabies, fairy tales in verses, as well as prose without any violence and horror are perfect. In the first year of life, pies, soothing lullabies will do. With the development of a child, you can include small fairy tales where words, sounds of animals that he can repeat (“Ko-ko-ko”, “Gav-gav”, “Muu”) are present. Such expressions will instill a love for fairy tales and will help you quickly learn how to talk by imitating a child heard.

At the age of one or two years, children can already memorize simple actions and deeds of fairy tale heroes. Domestic fairy tales, fairy tales about animals – works of this particular period. A little later, when the child learns to fantasize, it’s time to include in the list of books fairy tales with a simple plot, simple actions of the characters.

At the age of 4-5 years old, when the kid learns the world around us, when the foundations of morality are laid, fairy tales will fit perfectly, where the border between good and evil is clearly established, where heroes do good deeds, showing perseverance and zeal. In order to act correctly, someone needs an example. Gradually increase the amount of material read.

At a time when the child is preparing to go to school, you can read all the tales. The main thing is that they develop all the qualities .

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