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Nurture accuracy and diligence in the child

Have you ever wondered about how interconnected such concepts as raising a child in order and diligence? The answer to this question should be obvious: accuracy and diligence can be brought up only at the same time, since one is simply inseparable from one another.

It is very noticeable how neat the child becomes, getting closer to the younger school age, but the problem is that it is too late to start bringing up accuracy and love of work at this age. It is necessary to start much earlier, approximately then when your baby first picked up a spoon, in order to eat on his own, or to scatter all the toys around the room from his box. Of course, many moms and dads in a careless and lazy child try to see a genetic predisposition, paying attention to the untidy aunt, uncle or grandmother, but in fact, accuracy or diligence in the child or their absence is a direct result and a consequence of family education.

We begin to instill accuracy with the diapers!

And this is absolutely not irony, but true. After all, from the very birth your child sees and absorbs all your actions. Therefore, the accuracy and diligence of parents will be an example for him. Seeing that every thing in the house has its place and that, taking something parents or brothers and sisters, certainly put everything in place, the child will not be able to think that you can do otherwise. The baby must see that each family member has his own household duties, which he performs daily. And when the baby grows up a little, he will also have his own small tasks, which will teach him not only to be neat, but also hardworking. By adopting little tricks, you can easily bring up these qualities in a child:

Stimulate interest in household matters from an early age – as soon as the baby understands that after class you need to clean up the toys, place the dishes after the meal, clean the table and so on, be sure to offer the kid to perform these actions first with you and then yourself at your request . It is possible that at first, instead of helping, you will get an even bigger mess that will have to be eliminated, but later this will develop in the child important habits to be careful and keep the house in order.
Some mothers try to do all the household chores while the child is sleeping, this may be convenient, but unfortunately with this approach the child will not see that very necessary example. Therefore, try to do some household chores in the presence of the child and gradually attract him to them.
If you see that a child takes the initiative to do something, for example, wipe the floor with a cloth or dust from furniture, do not forbid him, saying that he will wipe the pens or wet his shirt, but rather help him and tell him how to do it better. If you stop him abruptly and scold him, most likely he will no longer take the initiative.
The game – the basis of parenting. Show imagination and play with the child, attracting his toys. When the baby grows up, it is possible to organize competitions between family members who perform the assignment faster and better. In general, positive and fantasy will help you grow a neat and hardworking child.
If possible, allow your child to use real household appliances, not toy ones. Let me turn on the start button on the vacuum cleaner or washing machine, let me wash the plastic dishes.
Teach him to respect the work of others. This is a very important point, however, as well as the fact that you must respect the work of your baby. Show and talk in every possible way that you should not walk in shoes on the carpet, since you vacuumed him, and he helped you with this, you should not break toys, litter on the street and so on, since all this is the work of other people.
Never punish a child with work!
Praise the child! Praise is never superfluous!
Neatness and tidiness – very close concepts

Neatness in the home and a neat appearance – these are two concepts that are brought up in the child at the same time. It is difficult to imagine that a seemingly untidy person will be able to maintain perfect cleanliness in his home. Therefore, pay great attention to the formation of personal hygiene skills and neat appearance. Here, as always, a personal example will come to the rescue. Teach your child to the fact that in the morning he puts himself in order: he washes, brushes his hair and puts on clean, neat clothes and only then you put the house in order.

In the upbringing of accuracy and training to work, regularity is very important, which will develop the habit of doing things and make accuracy a natural phenomenon in a child’s life. Use the fact that all children from an early age want to help adults, your main task is not to discourage the hunt and initiative, but to send it in the right direction, teach, show and assign to the child any feasible duties for him.A positive attitude, and patience will help you to cultivate a hardworking and tidy person, the main thing is not to overdo it.

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