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What are the expenses for the child to plan

Children are a joy, but at the same time cares, difficulties and constant expenses. A child always needs new things, good nutrition, various objects intended for school and rest, requires its own separate space, which would be made in accordance with children’s desires.

All these requests make our life a real bustle, the main purpose of which is the constant process of making money. Is it possible to somehow avoid it? It turns out that you can, if properly plan all financial expenses.

We plan a budget for kids from 0 to 3 years. Proper prioritization

Parents of these babies are the easiest to plan for future expenses. At this age, children will not show their desires, begging for sweets, toys and expensive devices.

When planning expenses for a child, it is necessary to take into account the family budget, determining the minimum of necessary things, as well as the food that your child will need.

What you need to buy for a newborn in the first year of his life:

• Stroller. It is better to choose a multifunctional model, recently parents are more inclined to purchase a transformer stroller. This will save your money in the future, as this stroller is suitable for both newborn and one year old baby. The cost of such a model can be from 10 to 60 thousand, everything will depend on additional functions.

Baby car seat. An integral attribute of the modern mobile family. Manufacturers offer several options:

Car carrier from birth to 10 or 13 kg., With the possibility of installing it on the chassis of the stroller of the same company (cost varies from 6000 to 22000 rubles)
A car seat for a child who can hold the head and sit up to 18 kg., Such a car seat “grows with the child” (cost from 2,200 rubles)

• Cot. The choice of model of the pram depends on the preferences of the parents and on the organization of the space in the apartment. Now in the market of goods there is a huge choice for every taste and need: pendulum beds, cribs on wheels, rocking beds, static beds, cradles, transformer beds; beds with several bed levels in height, with a removable wall, with silicone linings, etc., all additional amenities affect the price. The cost of a baby cot varies from 2500 Russian rubles on models of domestic manufacturers to expensive exclusive models, foreign companies. In a crib, a child can sleep up to 3-4 years, depending on the size of the bed and model.

• Chair for babies. This is optional, but necessary for your convenience. After all, feeding a small child is not an easy process, but also sitting on his hands. The price of such pleasure begins from 3 thousand rubles. It is possible to use such stool till 3 years.

• Clothes and shoes. In the first year of his life, the child is growing rapidly, and new things will have to be acquired every three or four months. On average, blouses and romper cost from 200 rubles for one thing. And after the child is on its feet, you will need shoes and, as a rule, orthopedic for the correct formation of the foot. Usually, a baby’s foot grows 1 cm in three months. Orthopedists do not recommend to buy shoes for a child several sizes larger, since the instep support will not be in place and the orthopedic effect will not be directed to the health of the baby.

• Top warm clothing. The best option are overalls. They are usually warmer and more practical. The budget will be 5-6 thousand rubles.

• Child nutrition. The best option is considered when the baby is breastfed for at least six months. This is not only better for the health of the child, but will also save money on infant formula, the price of which is quite high. But from six months the baby needs additional nutrition. Thus, supplementary feeding is introduced for formula-fed infants from 4 months and for infants from six months of age. At this stage, the costs will depend on the approach to feeding. In the case of self-cooking for the infant, the costs will significantly decrease, however, it should be borne in mind that the supplements are introduced gradually and at the initial stage only 0.5 teaspoons are required for the sample, moreover, the food should be homogeneous and prepared using high-quality products. Many mothers prefer to use baby food of industrial production at the beginning of the introduction of complementary foods, and closer to the year when the volume of complementary foods reaches 80-100 grams, they tend to cook their own food at home. Jars with baby food are offered in the amount of 80 grams to 190 grams, costing from 30 rubles and above, the price depends on the country of origin and the amount of baby food offered. At the beginning of complementary feeding, it is recommended to purchase jars of 80g puree. The opened jar can be stored in the refrigerator for a day, so one jar is enough for two days at the beginning of the introduction of complementary feeding.Porridges are also offered in a wide range from 120 rubles per pack.

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