How to raise a child with normal self-esteem
Modern mothers today devote much more time to babies than before. They play with children, use different teaching methods and buy educational toys. All this, of course, is beneficial and…

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What are the expenses for the child to plan
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Mom, play with me!

Mama! The most beautiful word on earth! The most affectionate, most dear. Once you yourself babbled him, looking at the sweet face of the one you saw first in your life, feeling that amazing mother’s smell that you will not confuse with anyone else, realizing from the first minutes of your life that it is this creature your universe.

And now you yourself have become MAMA, and now your baby feels the same feelings. Just imagine how much you mean for this baby, dear and beloved. For 9 months, being inside of you, the crumb felt your warmth, grew and developed, getting from you food, hearing the music you listened to, the voices of the people with whom you spoke, reading any of your moods.

And the task now is to create for the child that careful environment in which it could continue to develop harmoniously and feel your support every second.

A child never develops as intensively as in the first year of life. The “growth curve” during this period resembles a “straight line”, which is steeply rising. Day after day, the baby forms a basic attitude towards the world. And it depends on the parents how it will be? According to the observations of scientists, children who were abandoned by their parents, greatly hinder their development. The lack of parental love and attention affects everything: on the emotional-psychological state, on the ability to perceive new information, on the growth rate, finally. So your ATTENTION is the most important thing for the baby.

Nature has come up with the idea that the most accessible and effective way of knowing the world for a child is a game.

In the first months it is very useful to acquaint the baby with a rattle. This is not just a toy, but a real simulator. When a mother shakes a rattle at different distances from a small one, he hears a sound and tries to visually determine its cause. Thus, the interaction of the organs of hearing and vision occurs. Training!

Communicating with you for a child is also a game – play with him in “Monkey”. Take the baby in your arms. Let the distance between you be no more than 20 cm. And begin to change the expression of your face: smile, frown, stick out your tongue, inflate your cheeks, move your lips. Such a “grimacing” will acquaint the kid with elementary human emotions. He immediately begin to adopt them.

Can not be excluded from the games dad. His presence in the life of the toddler is important from the early days. For example, dads are great at such an exercise, as the “airplane”. This is when strong father’s hands raise the baby almost to the ceiling, then circle around the room. This is a training of the vestibular apparatus, which is very important for the proper formation of the skill of walking. Well, to form a harmonious relationship with his father.

All kinds of “magpie-white-sided” and “goat-horned” are very useful as tactile-massage games. There is an impact on important points on the palms and fingers. And again, communication with you! And how many emotions they bring!

Of course, you will buy toys for your children. It is important not to overdo it. The shelves of children’s stores are now inundated with all sorts of colorful designers, baby dolls, cubes, cars and the like of the toy industry. Recall for a second the tale of a seven-color flower, when the girl Zhenya wished that “all the toys of the world” were hers. As a result, the army of toys almost flooded the entire city. And their number has become intimidating. For the harmonious development of your baby do not need a lot of them. And in those that are, play with him yourself. He will remember “like a dog barking”, “where the doll has eyes, nose, ears”, “what color is the ball”. This is again communication. And let it not be limited only to mom and dad.

In the year, your peanut should already be happy to listen to the fairy tales that you tell him for the night, to look at the pictures of the books that you read to him. Sometimes, not understanding the meaning of some words, to memorize your intonations, to master your first rhymes and songs.

The child spends the second year of his life in a completely different mode than the first. He learned to walk, which means he received that beautiful and at the same time frightening parents, freedom of action. Now it’s not you who decides where to bring the child in your arms, he himself goes to the direction he needs. Here, of course, your support and vision is important. But in any case not strict prohibitions. The child begins to distinguish between your “can” and “cannot”, “good” and “bad.” But when banning something, be sure to explain the reason.

At this time, the child is already copying you very skillfully. Ask him to show how mom is talking on the phone or dad is spinning the wheel of a car. You learn about yourself a lot of new things, but rather you will understand how your baby sees you. It is often said: “do not raise a child, educate yourself, and he will take an example from you”. It’s hard not to agree.

By two years, the universe of the baby is no longer limited only to mom, dad, only his children’s room, and only the apartment. The child actively learns the whole world: on the street, in the store, bus, clinic. The zone of his activity expands, the number of impressions he receives increases. But anyway, he always feels next to her mother’s presence.

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Mom, play with me!
Mama! The most beautiful word on earth! The most affectionate, most dear. Once you yourself babbled him, looking at the sweet face of the one you saw first in your…