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What else does a big child not have to be a nanny for a younger one?

As in the opinion of famous psychologists, the eldest child, you can not become a full-fledged nanny for the younger one. Especially to those who have a difference in age less than ten years. Parents who make a nanny from an older child are at great risk of many undesirable consequences for both children.

What else should an older child not become a nurse for a younger one?

At one time, the eldest child unconditionally nursed all subsequent children, and this was considered the norm. But parents did not take into account the serious consequences to which such an approach often led.

From our article you will learn what negative consequences the constant care of an older child can have for a younger one.

– Lack of strength, lack of skill and precaution.

If the difference between children does not exceed 10-12 years, then the eldest child will not physically be able to cope with the younger. It can break, get omitted or injure internal organs. That will lead to serious consequences that need to be addressed the rest of life. He can drop the baby or do the wrong thing that is necessary in a certain situation and the child will suffer from it.

The older child can play with the younger one, and then, under the supervision of the parent. After all, a child-nurse may, through carelessness or ignorance, feed the baby with forbidden foods, give him a small or sharp object, accidentally drop or injure the baby. To foresee all the consequences is difficult. Surely, many people know such cases.

I have a life example when my mother-in-law briefly left a 3-year-old boy for an older brother of seven. Having found the hidden syringes, the children started a game of a doctor, and the eldest child accidentally punctured the younger eye with a needle. Woe to the mother can not be described, because the baby received an irreparable injury that led to lifelong disability. Today it is an adult guy who does not see with one eye. His mother never forgave her mother-in-law, who left some children alone.

And how many cases, when, in the absence of parents, the child-nanny, to stop the baby crying, sat him on the window sill, and he fell out of the window.

Mom can talk about precautions for a long time, but in an emergency situation, the child-nanny forgets about it.

– Reluctance to have own children.

Very often, children who have been nursing their younger brothers or sisters for a long time do not want to start their own. They know how hard it is to be a nanny and at the same time, get the cuffs.

I studied in the 8th grade when my younger sister appeared. Mom six months later went to work and all the worries about her came to me. I could not go out for a walk, because I needed to be a nanny. Later, I began to take her away from the kindergarten, take care of her while her parents were at work. When I got married, I was terribly afraid of getting pregnant. And when it happened, the first desire was to have an abortion. True, thank God, I did not do this.

My sister used to treat me as a nanny, and even as an adult, she believes that I am obliged to replace her mother. My role as a nanny is still not over.

Parents need to know that older children should not perform parental duties imposed on them as punishment. After all, this can lead to unwillingness to have their own children or to hostile relations between children.

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What else does a big child not have to be a nanny for a younger one?
As in the opinion of famous psychologists, the eldest child, you can not become a full-fledged nanny for the younger one. Especially to those who have a difference in age…


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