Causes of senseless lies in children
Children can be deceived when they are afraid that they will be scolded, or when they want to get something. But there is another kind of lie - “just like…

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Praise as an expression of love for a child
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How to raise a sense of style and beauty in a daughter

It is always pleasant to look at girls dressed with taste, who know how to properly present themselves in society. Probably, in many respects, this is the secret of female attractiveness. Of course, every mother wants her daughter to have the right ideas about beauty and style, to be a role model in this.

After all, it has long been known that a beautiful appearance and a properly chosen wardrobe is the key to success in your personal life, and often in work.

It is clear that it is necessary to take care of the future in advance, which is why the question of many mothers of small beauties about how to cultivate a sense of style and beauty in their daughter turns out to be quite understandable and logical. The task is not easy, but there are no easy tasks in raising children. In this article we offer you some simple, but effective recommendations on how to create a sense of taste and style in a child.

Learning by playing

Education and learning through the game – perhaps the most effective, accessible and interesting method in pedagogy, no one has yet invented. Remember how in childhood you yourself loved to dress up dolls in different outfits. And what a pleasure it was to make doll clothes from different beautiful pieces of cloth. Surely, if you offer your child to play a fashion designer, and even with you, she will definitely not refuse. Such an activity will undoubtedly bring pleasure to both mother and daughter.

It will be no less interesting to select paper outfits for cardboard dolls. You can, of course, buy a ready-made set in the store, but it will be much more interesting to make it with your own hands. A modern alternative to such activities will be online dress up games. They can now be easily found on the Internet. For example, here you can dress up the characters of your favorite cartoons, help the princesses to choose an outfit for a masquerade, to wear a Barbie doll for work or on a date, and even get an estimate for it. Oh, how exciting this process is, try it yourself! It is even a pity that in our childhood this was not like that.

It is important for the mother to help her daughter with the choice of attire, to tell her how to dress up the dolls correctly so that they look stylish and beautiful. It is clear that for a child it is not easy, therefore, it is important here not to criticize the girl for mistakes, but to support her and delicately lead to the necessary decision.

Personal example

Mum for the daughter – always a sample, in all. Taste and sense of style are no exception. If a mother does not pay due attention to her appearance, then it is foolish to expect this from her daughter in the future. Therefore, dear mothers, remember this when you pick up your wardrobe, hair, makeup. Your daughter sees you and unknowingly adopts your model of behavior in this matter. The baby should learn from childhood that self-care is an important and integral part of the life of any woman. Be sure to tell your princess how to properly care for yourself, apply makeup and make hair.

We carefully select the wardrobe with a young fashionista

The formation of a unique style and taste, must begin in early childhood. An important point here is the selection of the wardrobe of a little beauty. Moreover, it is important that she herself took an active part in this. The child must have a choice in clothes. Her locker needs to be filled with things for different occasions: for a holiday, for home, for a walk, for kindergarten and school. Determining the outfit, be sure to explain to the child why it would be appropriate to wear one thing for a birthday, and the other is perfect for a walk. You can not force a girl to wear an outfit that she does not like at all, no matter how stylish he may seem to her parents. It is better to look for the option that suits you and the very young lady. It will be great if you are going somewhere, you yourself ask the child for advice about your image. Most likely, the girl will react to this with great responsibility and offer a really good option. And for her it will be a good workout.

The sense of beauty through art

Everyone knows about the great power of art. Do not forget about this important aspect of human life in the process of cultivating the taste and sense of style in little girls. By instilling in our daughter a love for works of art, we help her more subtly to sense this world, to see in it the beautiful and strive for beauty, to learn the charm of a properly chosen color spectrum, to develop refinement, the ability to behave.

Remember the manners

The sense of style and taste is not only the ability to dress beautifully, it is equally important to behave accordingly. Even the most fashionable outfit, beautiful makeup and hairstyle will not save the situation if the girl does not own the rules of behavior in society. Knowledge of etiquette, femininity, refinement and kindness – this is another sign of real style and taste.

All of these recommendations, subject to an integrated and creative approach to them, will help parents bring up the taste and sense of style in a young lady. And she will definitely be grateful to you for this, because these qualities will definitely be useful to her in adult life.

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